Merry Christmas 2019 is a happy occasion that is celebrated on December 25 every year. Christmas is a festival of joy-It is the day when Jesus Christ was born with the motive of rooting out all the hatred in the country and making people believe in humanity, making themselves a better person. On this day people of all religions gather and meditate on the Lord Jesus. Today we share some beautiful Christmas 2019 SMSs for Facebook and WhatsApp.

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Merry Christmas  2019 happiness
Merry Christmas  2019 happiness

Christmas has become a social festival

Christmas is no longer just a religious festival but has taken the form of a social festival, only then do people in all communities celebrate it with great enthusiasm and share their happiness with each other. Christmas is a festival of happiness - on this day, the tables of the birth of Jesus are presented in churches around the world and prayers are offered in churches. Christmas is celebrated by all Christians and nowadays many non-Christians celebrate it as a secular, cultural holiday. Marketing has also played an important role in promoting this festival. During Christmas, it also became a major economic activity due to the exchange of gifts, decorations and fun during the holidays.

There is a reason why Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm, and people all over the world celebrate it in unique ways. Happy Christmas Wishes 2019 is the best way to wish a happy Christmas to your family and friends. You can send Christmas SMS message wishes on WhatsApp

During this festival, everyone puts a Christmas tree in their houses, which is decorated with good gifts. Santa is very popular with the children of this festival.

Santa Claus 2019 Christmas
Santa Claus

 Santa Claus brings the desired gifts to the children and fills the children with happiness. The children themselves wear beautiful colorful clothes and perform group dances with light sticks in their hands. Aside from the children, the elders are also enthusiastic about this festival. Apart from Christians, other people plant Christmas trees in their homes during this period. It is decorated with the best good gifts, and its beauty is made visible. Nowadays, Christmas trees made on the market are also available.

Merry Christmas 2019 beautiful images 

Merry Christmas 2019
Merry Christmas 2019