Planning for Merry Christmas Gifts & Presents

Planning for Merry Christmas Gifts & Presents

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 Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling.
merry christmas gifts and tips


Don’t forget to budget for both presents and cards. Write a list of everyone you want to send to this year and stick to it – don’t get tempted by little extras, and also remember postage charges.
The little things add up really quickly and before you know it you’ll be wondering where your cash went…


If you have never considered Homemade presents before, why not give them a go?
Do something based around a skill you have, and the recipient will be over the moon with the extra thought and care you went to. It also can cost a lot less than a present if you are on a budget.
Think about things like – cookies in a jar, a voucher for something you can help with (babysitting for new parents etc…), a plant you have grown etc….

Along the same lines as the first tip – if you have a large family then you may want to set a budget per person, to keep everyone at the same level of giving (no-one feels bad etc…).
In our family we spend £15 on each person which works really well – and let’s us be a little creative about what we actually get!
If you prefer, you could only gift to children in the family, or pick a secret santa so that everyone only buys one larger gift for one person.
All these ideas can keep costs down and still be fun!

Wish lists are simply a list of things that each person in your family would love to have as a gift. They may or may not receive them, but this can really help when you are asked what your children want, or if you are stuck for something to get your partner.

If you’re posting presents, then try and ensure you keep postage costs to a minimum by buying less heavy things. Much better to spend more on a present than the posting costs!
Things that would work really well are vouchers, certain clothes, scarves, travel sized games, prints (ready to frame), DVDs and slippers.
Less good would be books, board games, home accessories and toiletries.

Don’t wait until your designated Christmas shopping day, or until closer to Christmas to get things.
If you see things at any time of the year that would make the perfect gift for someone – get it there and then.
You may not remember what you saw at a later date, or there may be a delivery delay when you do get round to ordering it, or it may not be in stock at all any longer – so why run the risk?
You will also thank yourself when you get nearer the big day and you have less shopping to do!

It’s a lot less overwhelming to wrap one or two presents at a time, and then store them away until you need them rather than wait until you have to wrap them all in one go!
You will also be able to hide things a little easier as there will be less chance of people finding out what they have got, should they go looking (unless you wrap something obvious of course!)

Start with any for people you are seeing earlier than Christmas, then tackle those that need posting, and then lastly anyone you are seeing over Christmas/New Year itself.

It makes sense to keep a note of what you bought for people over the past years, because then you won’t double up or repeat a theme for them too many times (unless they always want a book, for example).

Don’t wait until Christmas day to start to put together the kids toys. If it will take a long time then the kids will get bored probably and I’m sure you would rather spend the time playing with them rather than doing chores!
It also gives you a chance to check all the pieces are there and all batteries etc… that are needed are to hand – much less stressful than finding out on the day that they can’t actually play with it at all…

I know, I know – surely buying what’s already on your list is enough – but what happens when someone unexpected turns up, or you have inadvertently forgotten someone?
Having a small stash of presents can come in really useful!
Things like chocolates, gift vouchers, candles, wine etc… are pretty generic but will still be appreciated when wrapped up beautifully – and you can relax safe in the knowledge that every eventuality has been covered.

Think about who you are seeing in the lead up to Christmas and get their presents ready by that time – it will save you on postage costs, and helps to get things out of the way and ticked off the list!

Cutting out the picture on the front of last years cards will enable you to recycle them to use as lovely gift tags this year – easy and inexpensive!
Christmas Tips and Gifts
Christmas Tips and Gifts

Here are some more tips of Planning for Merry Christmas Gifts & Presents

Ensure you have (and stick to) a budget for all cards & presents (and remember to include postage and packaging costs).
 Consider making cards and presents for a more personal touch.
 When buying for lots of people, keep costs down by setting a limit on each present.
Get everyone to write wish lists – that way you’ll know what they would love.
 Remember the weight of the presents – postage adds up!
Buy things as and when you see them – to take the stress of buying everything in December.
 Wrap as you buy – this makes things so much less overwhelming.
 Consider making toys and THEN wrapping them so that kids can go straight ahead and play.
Buy a few extra presents for unexpected guests or the accidentally forgotten…
 Get presents ready in plenty of time – so you can give them out as you see people and save on postage.
 Write cards & wrap presents in the order that you will be giving them out.
Make a note of what you bought – then you won’t get the same next year.
  Use last years Christmas cards as tags.
Buy different wrapping paper so you can easily identify what’s what (especially if you are wrapping on behalf of someone else.
Write a few cards a day – no more overwhelm! (do it in a queue, or when you have a minute or two spare).
 Personalise special cards more – add a note inside or a photo of the kids…
Don’t feel that you HAVE to send cards – only do so if you want to.. You could make a donation to charity instead.
 Use your computer – write your address list and then print each one onto a label to save hand writing them all.
Update your address book if necessary when you get cards sent to you.
Send cards with presents to save on postage costs.
 Send everything By December 1st – saves standing in the massive post office queues that start in December
 If you get a card from someone not on your card list – then send one immediately, and add them for next year.
Write a thank you list as you unwrap gifts – that way you won’t forget who bought what.
 Write thank you cards ASAP – between Christmas and New Year is ideal – don’t leave it to go into January…
Copy kids thank you notes – Get your child to write a beautiful thank you note and then photo copy it – they can then fill in each persons name and what they got, and a few words that are specific to that person – but it will take them less time.
Do a Secret Santa– buy one lovely present for a specific budget – and then everyone gets one present they will love.
 Decide that only the children in the family get presents.
 Make your parents – this is usually more cost effective AND more personal.
 Use brown paper as rapping paper as this can be decorated but is cheaper than standard wrapping paper.
 Take advantage of free wrapping services in shops at this time of year.
 Make a plan for where and when you’ll shop.
 Make a shopping list that covers EVERYTHING you are going to be buying.
Create a budget that includes EVERYTHING you are going to be buying – and STICK TO IT.
Give promise rather than gifts – token for babysitting for example would be amazing for parents of young children.

Merry Christmas Gifts Tips
Merry Christmas Gifts Tips

Buy your children things you would need to buy anyway – stocking fillers could include socks, gloves, stationary etc…
 Send e-cards rather than real ones.
Hand deliver as many cards as you can.
Post cards & presents as early as you can so you can pay second class for postage.

Use themes each year for present shopping to cut down on how many shops you have to visit.
Use loyalty points that you have saved throughout the year for your presents.
Shop at outlet stores to get more for your money.
If you won’t see people until after Christmas – why not buy their presents in the January sales to get more for your money or to save some cash.
Time when you go out shopping to avoid the queues.

 Use online shopping as much as possible.
Make use of sales throughout the year to stock up and get ahead of the game.

Spend now to save next year – for example, a fake tree will cost this year but will save you next year completely.

From the admin desk Wishing you Merry Christmas.

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